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CIMac™ Pack of 3 (Chemistry of choice)
TypeBed volumeOperating flow rateConnector
Analytical0.1 mL0.2–3 mL/min; 1–15 cm/min; 2–30 CV/min10-32 UNF coned port, 1/16’’ OD tubing connection

CIMac™ Pack of 3 (Chemistry of choice)

We have designed this pack to suite your needs. You can decide for 3 columns of the same chemistry or combine 3 columns of different chemistry to discover which chemistry suites best your application.

You can choose between these chemistries:
CIMac™ QA - 0.1 mL
CIMac™ DEAE - 0.1 mL
CIMac™ SO3 - 0.1 mL
CIMac™ C4 HLD - 0.1 mL
CIMac™ OH - 0.1 mL

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Product code: 146.0001