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Oligo dT18 (C6 Linker) - Affinity

Oligo dT18 (C6 Linker) - Affinity

Oligo dT (deoxythymine)

  • Oligo dT ligands covalently bound to a solid support
  • Hybridises to the poly-adenylated tail which is present on most eukaryotic mRNAs, or synthetised onto the molecule during IVT
  • Primarily intended for fast and efficient capture and purification of mRNA with a poly-adenylated tail, from various sources
  • Can selectively remove impurities from the sample and is a convenient approach for initial purification of mRNA

Oligo dT18 is available with 6-Carbon and 12-Carbon linker. Performance is comparable, but can be further evaluated if desired. The starting column of choice is with 12-Carbon linker.

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