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Sartorius Creates a Premium Gene Therapy and Vaccine Portfolio With the Acquisition of BIA Separations


In November, Sartorius acquired BIA Separations—a company that develops and manufactures market-leading products for the purification and analysis of large biomolecules based in Slovenia.

BIA´s portfolio is highly complementary to Sartorius,” said Joachim Kreuzburg, PhD, chief executive office of Sartorius. “We are thus creating an excellent offering for the manufacturing of gene therapies and other advanced therapies and are pleased to welcome 120 new employees.”

Through this acquisition, Sartorius is expanding its downstream processing and analytics offerings to complement its upstream capabilities. Specifically, this acquisition will strengthen Sartorius’ offerings in the gene therapy and vaccine markets for production of AAV, mRNA and pDNA, among others. This addition to Sartorius’ portfolio enhances its current offerings without replacing any existing product lines...

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