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BPI Ask the Expert Webcast

Next Generation PATfix™ Software

Speaker: Blaz Goricar, Process Analytics Development Manager

Date & Time: July 7, 2022 I 11 am EDT | 8 am PDT | 5 pm CEST

Key message:

Process development and production of gene therapy products brings together people with different skills and specializations, hence PATfix™ software is built to address the needs and solve challenges of each. An integral part of the PATfix™ value proposition, the PATfix™ software strips away the complexity of chromatography at the day-to-day operational level, while retaining it for higher level tasks.

Analytical chromatography is rapidly gaining supremacy as the leading process development & optimization method for novel gene therapies, combining detection accuracy with the separation ability of analytical columns. PATfix™ software is designed to handle multidetector data processing and helps you extract maximum information from your samples.

PATfix™ software provides the following key features:

  • Local or remote hardware control of the PATfix™ triple detector setup (UV-Vis, Fluorescence and MALS) from any location.
  • A server/client based modern web application enables quick and powerful tools for advanced post-analysis chromatography data evaluation and calculations.
  • Interactive presentation allows easy collaboration and sharing of chromatography results with co-workers and clients.
  • Built-in analytical platforms provide easy to follow instructions from buffer preparation to report printing.

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