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Cell & Gene Therapy Insights Webinar

HPLC analytical platform for monitoring mRNA production process

Speaker: Nejc Pavlin 

Date & Time: Tuesday 7th June |  08:00 PST; 11:00 EST; 16:00 GMT; 17:00 CET


In the production of mRNA, starting from plasmid DNA, it is essential to monitor and control every stage of the manufacturing process by identifying of key components and contaminants. PATfix HPLC analytical system, developed for monitoring the mRNA production process, is a key platform on the pathway delivering drug substances from R&D development to the production process in a rapid and efficient way. Pre-developed and validated HPLC analytical methods using different column chemistries enable:
-    Effective control over linear plasmid upstream and downstream,
-    IVT reaction optimization for mRNA synthesis,
-    Control of yield, purity and downstream process of mRNA,
-    mRNA formulation and stability analysis,
-    Scale-up optimization.
In this webinar, a  robust analytical tool PATfix™ HPLC platform, and its specific methods for pDNA and mRNA analytics that enable efficient monitoring of key upstream and downstream process steps will be showcased.

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