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Tell Series: Dr. Aleš ŠTRANCAR, an entrepreneurial journey in BIOTECH

This time looking at our company from a different perspective.

From an idea to patented technology that revolutionized manufacturing of advanced therapeutics globally

Speaker: Aleš Štrancar, Founder of BIA Separations, now part of Sartorius

Date & Time: Wednesday, 25 May I 7 pm BST


Dr. Aleš Štrancar, the founder of BIA Separations will share a story about his entrepreneurial journey of persistence and resilience that helped him launch the idea from Slovenia, a country in Central Europe, onto a global stage of world’s leading biopharmaceutical giants.

BIA Separations was established in Slovenia in 1998. It develops and manufactures products for purification and analysis of large biomolecules, such as viruses, plasmids and mRNA, which are destined for use in cell and gene therapies, as well as other advanced therapies. It is the inventor and exclusive producer of CIM (Convective Interaction Media) chromatographic columns for large biomolecules. With forecasted sales revenues of around €25m in 2020, BIA Separations was acquired by the German company Sartorius Stadium Biotech, in a deal worth € 360m in late 2020.

Aleš will take us on a journey from inception of the idea, through to development and commercialisation of the patented technology in BIA Separations that revolutionised manufacturing of advanced therapeutics globally. This is a story about lessons from personal and professional challenges Aleš had to endure on his entrepreneurial journey through failures to success, and his reflection on leading a company through growth and expansion that ultimately resulted in acquisition of BIA Separation by Sartorius in 2020.

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  • Tell Series: Dr. Aleš ŠTRANCAR, an entrepreneurial journey in BIOTECH
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