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Unlock the Potential of the mRNA Vaccine Platform with Integrated Production Processes from E. coli to Highly Purified mRNA

Event: BioProcess International COVID-19 Therapeutic Development & Production

Date: April 27, 2021

Developments in gene therapy and the threat of pandemics requires novel technologies to allow for efficient manufacturing of exceptionally large biomolecules and nanoparticles within a short time. Novel vaccine platforms such as mRNA enable the industry to meet its highest goals: decreasing footprint while increasing efficiency and throughput. However, to respond with agility and prepare for future outbreaks, the mRNA platform must be further optimized.

In vitro transcription (IVT), the enzymatic process used for mRNA vaccine production, is different from biological fermentation processes as it requires linearized plasmid DNA. The linear isoform is produced with restriction enzymes from open circular and supercoiled pDNA. Employing a traditional pDNA manufacturing process, which removes multimers as well as linear and open-circular isoforms, reduces production yield.

However, when pDNA and mRNA are treated as a single production process, the purification steps are optimized, yields improved, and overall production costs reduced. This presentation will describe how Convective Interaction Media monoliths can be used to efficiently purify a board specter of mRNA and cover all production scenarios.

This presentation illustrates fast in-process control methods using the PATfix system, which can ensure the rapid production of the safest possible Covid-19 vaccines while reducing manufacturing costs.