Separation of pectin methylesterases and polygalacturonases on monolithic columns

I.Vovk, B. Simonovska

Journal of Chromatography B, 849 (2007) 337-343

The most abundant isoforms of tomato pectin methylesterase (PME; EC; Mr 26 kDa), polygalacturonase (PG; EC; PG1 with Mr 82 kDa) and a basic protein with Mr 42 kDa and unknown function were isolated from fresh tomato fruit by a fast chromatographic procedure on a Convective Interaction Media (CIM®) short monolithic disk column bearing carboxymethyl (CM) groups. The extraction of the targeted enzymes with 1.2 M NaCl solution was followed by precipitation with ammonium sulfate at 60% of saturation, solubilisation of the pellet in 0.5 M NaCl and fractionation using a linear gradient from 0 to 700 mM NaCl. Among six fractions five had PME activity and four had PG activity, while one fraction containing a pure protein with Mr 42 kDa with neither of these activities. Two concentrated fractions, one with PG and one with PME were further purified. A linear gradient from 0 to 500 mM NaCl with 20% CH3CN in the mobile phase was used for the PG fraction and two CM disks and a linear gradient from 0 to 200 mM NaCl were used for the PME fraction as a greater capacity was necessary in this case. From 4 kg of fresh tomato flesh we obtained 22 mg of purified PME, 1.8 mg of purified, active PG1, 13.5 mg of additional basic protein and a fraction with PG2 contaminated by a PME isoform. Carboxymethyl CIM disk short monolithic columns are convenient for semi-preparative and analytical work with tomato fruit pectolytic enzymes.

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