Retention studies of DNA on anion-exchange monolith chromatography: Binding site and elution behavior

S. Yamamoto, M. Nakamura, C. Tarmann, A. Jungbauer

Journal of chromatography 1144 (2007) 155-160

Linear gradient elution experiments were carried out on monolithic anion-exchange chromatography (AEC) with oligo-DNAs of various sizes (4–50mer, molecular weight MW = 1200–15,000) and compositions in order to investigate the retention mechanism. The binding site (B) values as well as the peak salt elution concentration IR values were determined. The B values determined for the monolithic AEC were similar to the values for non-porous AEC and porous AEC. The B value increased linearly with the number of charges (bases) of single-strand DNA when MW is less than ca. 3600 (12mer). When MW is greater than 6000, the slope of B versus MW decreased, and became very small at MW > 30,000. The IR value also increased linearly with MW for MW < 6000, and slightly with MW for MW > 10,000. It was shown that a very difficult separation of a single-strand 50mer poly(T) and a double-strand 50mer poly(A) and poly(T) was accomplished within 10 min by using a very shallow gradient at a high initial salt concentration (0.5 M) and a high flow-velocity (2.7 cm/min).

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