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Fast Fractionation of Complex Mixtures of Antibodies by Means of Multifunctional HPMC

Isolation and purification of proteins, peptides and polynucleotides as well as fractionation of biological mixtures are of great importance both for the solution of theoretical problems in chemistry and biology and the
realization of practical plans connected, in particular, with the production of medicines on the basis of large biomolecules. An important problem in the production of biological substances for medicine is to work out the step of their isolation and fine purification, e.g. creation of high performance separation methods, particularly, the chromatographic techniques. Here, fast and efficient affinity separations based on dynamical interaction of biocomplements play very important role.

High Performance Membrane (Monolith) Chromatography (HPMC) allows to solve all problems of High Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) demonstrating a number of number of distinct advantages. A small thickness of separation layer and opened structure of throughput channels where the separation takes place cause minimum difussion resistance for normal mass transport of the substances as well as low working back pressure and thus, the possibility of use of high elution flow rates.