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In-process control for Ad3 VLPs using CIMac™ QA Analytical Column

Virus like particles (VLPs) are particles that structurally resemble viruses, but do not contain any genetic material. They are formed when structural viral proteins spontaneously self-assemble in transfected cells. Extracts from expressing cells contain not only VLPs, but also cellular DNA and proteins. These need to be removed in order to obtain pure VLPs, which are then applied for the production of vaccines, as delivery systems, as well as in other fields of nanotechnology applications (for the application on DSP of Ad3 VLPs check the Application Note A029). The purity of the final VLPs product is evaluated by methods like SDS-PAGE, agarose electrophoresis, PicoGreen analysis, BCA or Bradford assay.

In this work, CIMac™ QA Analytical Column was used for in-process control of the adenovirus serotype 3 dodecahedric virus-like particles (Ad3 VLPs). Samples obtained from different purification steps were injected on the CIMac™ QA Analytical Column and elution profiles were compared.