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Concentration of Hepatitis A Virus and Caliciviruses Using CIM® QA Disk Monolithic Column

Environmental water is contaminated with human enteric viruses through the discharge of sewage contaminated water. As a consequence, they are present in various environmental water sources: irrigation water, wastewater, recreational water, ground or subsurface water, and even drinking water. The continuous low level transmission of these viruses can result in the spread of some viral infections. The nature of most enteric virus diseases is such that they elude epidemiological studies. Improved detection of viruses that are present in low concentration could prevent a considerable number of infections. Among the most important human food-borne viruses are Noroviruses (NoVs), members of Caliciviridae family and hepatitis A virus (HAV) which can be the source of serious outbreaks.

CIM® monolithic columns in combination with ultracentrifugation and RT-qPCR were used for the concentration and detection of hepatitis A virus and feline caliciviruse, a norovirus surrogate. At the same time efficiency of newly developed method was compared with reference method, based on membrane filter.