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Fast purification of the filamentous Potato virus Y using monolithic chromatographic supports

One of the most important plant viruses causing great economical losses in potato production is the filamentous Potato virus Y (PVY); virion size is 740 nm × 11 nm. Preparation of the pure virus suspension is essential for in vitro characterisation of the virus and also in many applications (e.g. antibody production). Virus purification usually consists of complicated and time-consuming protocols involving several ultracentrifugation steps, which are needed for isolation of the virus from the complex plant tissue matrix.

Different column chemistries, mobile phases and sample preparation strategies were examined during the method development study. Based on the obtained results, an optimised purification method for PVY from plant tissue on a CIM® QA Disk Monolithic Column was designed. The presence of the virus in the chromatographic fractions was monitored with viral RNA quantitation (RT-qPCR), viral protein detection (SDS-PAGE) and observation of the viral particle integrity (transmission electron microscopy).