Process analytics

The fast throughput, high resolution, and diversity of chemical selectivities for monoliths make them natural candidates for rapid chromatographic analysis of biomolecules and mixtures of biomolecules.

As such, they provide an efficient convenient method for characterizing the unique fingerprints of manufacturing raw materials, in-process samples across stages of production and purification, and documentation of homogeneity in purified products. This sets the stage for historical comparisons that can be used to analyze trends and reproducibility.

BIA offers a fully coordinated analytical product line consisting of CIMac 100 µL monoliths with a wide variety of chemistries, and PATfix, an integrated HPLC-software system designed specifically to enhance analysis and comparison of analytical chromatographic results. The 100 µL format conserves sample and enables high resolution fractionation in minutes.

The PATfix instrument is optimized to minimize dispersion and thereby provide the highest resolution and sensitivity. Our inCyght® software helps you to get the most out of your experiments, multiple wavelengths, multiple monitors, intuitive data handling.

PATfix with CIMac group

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