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Monolithic Methacrylate Polymeric Sorbents: Development of Methods for Chemical Modification of the Surface for the Subsequent Bioaffine Functionalization

E. S. Sinitsyna, E. N. Vlasova, E. G. Vlakh, T. B. Tennikova

Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry, 2008, Vol. 81, No. 8, pp. 1403–1409

Copolymers containing aldehyde, succinimidyl carbonate, and imidazolecarbamate groups were prepared by polymer-analogous transformations of epoxy groups of a macroporous monolithic polymeric support derived from glycidyl methacrylate and ethylene glycol dimethacyrlate. The effect of certain parameters on the course of the copolymer modification and immobilization of a protein on the surface of the polymeric support was studied. The possibility of using the matrices obtained for development of biorecognizing systems was examined.

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