Leaders in monolith chromatography


Chromatographic investigation of macromolecular affinity interactions

G. A. Platonova, T. B. Tennikova

Journal of Chromatography A, 1065 (2005) 75–81(2005) 75–81

High-performance monolithic disk affinity chromatography was applied to the investigation of formation of complexes between (1) complementary polyriboadenylic and polyribouridylic acids, e.g. poly(A) and poly(U), respectively, (2) poly(A) and synthetic polycation poly(allylamine), pAA. Polyriboadenylic acid and poly(allylamine) were immobilized on macroporous disks (CIM disks). Quantitative parameters of affinity interactions between macromolecules were established using frontal analysis at different flow rates.

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