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Mutational Analysis of a Blood Coagulation Factor VIII-Binding Peptide

K. Pflegerl, R. Hahn, E. Berger, A. Jungbauer

J. Peptide Res., 2002, 59, 174-182

A peptide screened from a combinatorial peptide library with the sequence EYKSWEYC performed best as a ligand for affinity chromatography of human blood coagulation factor VIII (FVIII). With this peptide immobilized on monolithic CIM columns via epoxy groups we were able to capture FVIII from diluted plasma. Rational substitution of amino acids by spot synthesis revealed that lysine and cysteine can be exchanged for almost all other proteinogenic amino acids without loss of affinity to FVIII. This offers the possibility of site-specific attachment via either one of these residues or the N- or C-terminus. The aliphatic positions O5 (tryptophan) and O7 (tyrosine), together with the charged position O6 (glutamic acid), seem to form the core of the binding unit. In the positions with aliphatic amino acids, substitution by tyrosine or phenylalanine, and in the positions with charged amino acids, substitution by aspartic acid or lysine, preserved the affinity to FVIII. The functionality of the selected peptides was confirmed by affinity chromatography. Selective binding and elution could be achieved.

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