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Features and Benefits of CIM® Technology

Working with CIM® monoliths is a straightforward way to simplify your lab life and make your purification process more efficient and robust.

High productivity at lower cost

Extremely fast separations on CIM® are a consequence of high flow rates at low back pressures. High volumetric throughput means significant reduction of the production costs. Long lifetime of CIM® monoliths is an additional factor for keeping costs low.
High flow rates, fast separation, and omission of laborious column packing make your lab day way more efficient.

Superior chromatographic attributes

High binding capacity as well as high recovery and resolution power are CIM® monolith's hallmark. On top of that, all of these characteristics are practically flow independent.
Dynamic binding capacities at 5% breakthrough of CIM® monoliths for complex biomolecules are in the range of:

DBC-tabela 1

Low nonspecific binding of biomolecules on CIM® supports result in excellent recoveries.


All CIM® monolithic supports are compatible with any peristaltic pump or conventional high-pressure LC/HPLC equipment. They contain standard VALCO-type connectors.
CIMmultus™ Disposable, CIM® Tube Monolithic and CIMac™ Analytical Columns are supplied ready-to-use; attach it to your chromatography system and start to work.
CIM® Disk Monolithic Columns are simply inserted into the housing and are immediately ready for use. All CIM® Disks have the same format and are therefore interchangeable.

Long lifetime

Excellent chemical stability and resistance to harsh sanitation conditions without loss of resolution guarantee a long lifetime of CIM® monoliths.

cGMP standard

To conform to the cGMP standard, Drug Master Files are already available for CIM® QA, DEAE and CIM® C4 HLD. The filing of other chemistries is in preparation.


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