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CIM® - enabling technology for purification of large biomolecules

Chromatographic purification of large biomolecules is a challenging task in terms of separation power, capacity, recovery, molecule integrity, sample distribution and mass transport.

CIM® monoliths offer simple yet sophisticated solutions for complex molecules:

  • Fast and efficient separation in order to decrease losses due to degradation of biomolecules
  • High-flow unaffected capacity
  • Good-flow unaffected resolution
  • Low backpressure
  • Stable even if harsh conditions are applied during sanitation
  • Easy and fast scale-up and scale-down potential
  • Meet all safety regulations, especially regarding leachables and sanitation
  • High batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • The same material may be used for analytical and preparative purposes
  • Easy to handle and operate

Thanks to CIM® monoliths chromatography of large biomolecules is no more a dead end operation.

Go through our library of manifold applications and publications or contact our Service team to find out more about successful applications of CIM® monoliths in large molecule purifications.

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