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process-developmentLet us do the work for you – we help you out if you lack time, equipment or experience on a certain biomolecule. Our highly skilled team has more than 2 decades of accumulated knowledge in Downstream Processing and Analytics of large biomolecules. Comprehensive analytical services for various types of molecules are provided by our Contract Research Team.

Based on your sample material and needs we provide:

1. Development of Downstream Processing:

  • Starting from capture step to final polishing and formulation of your biomolecule (pDNA, DNA, proteins, pegylated proteins, bacteriophages, viruses, etc.).
  • Depending on your product and requirements the multistep process includes chromatographic media selection and optimization, virus inactivation, filtration, tangential flow filtration.

As a matter of course the development of Downstream Processing goes hand in hand with analytical monitoring of target molecules and impurities.

2. Development of HPLC analytical methods:

  • For in-process and final product control (PAT) using CIMac analytical columns.
  • The development of analytical method is accompanied by a thorough characterization of your sample.

3. Development and validation of various analytical methods:

  • Method development, validation and verification, transfer and routine testing of pharmaceutical samples and biomolecules.

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