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Immobilization of antibodies onto a CIM® monolithic support

Immobilization of antibodies (Abs) onto the matrix surface is far from being a straightforward task. A certain immobilization procedure may prove to be optimal for a particular antibody but might not work for a different antibody at all. The strength of interaction between immobilized Abs and antigens depends strongly on the physico-chemical characteristics of the Abs and on environment surrounding the immobilized Abs (e.g buffering systems, the particular orientation of the immobilized Abs). If you lack knowledge and skills, BIA Separations can do the work for you. What we offer is the following:

  • Orientation of immobilized Ab: orientated and non-orientated immobilization
  • Density of immobilized Ab: high-ligand and low-ligand density of immobilized Abs
  • Scale: CIMac™ Analytical columns and 1 mL columns

In addition to the immobilization service test with antigens provided by the customer can be performed.

N.b. The pure antibody in the concentration of at least 2 mg/ml dissolved in buffer needs to be provided by the customer.

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