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CIMmultus™ XY-80 Advanced Composite Column (Epoxy) (Pores 1.3 um)

CIMmultus™ stands for:

  • Convective mass transfer, reduced backpressure, and minimal sample clogging
  • Fast product isolation and concentration of diluted samples
  • Efficient removal of high molecular mass impurities in polishing steps

CIMmultus™ Epoxy-80 mL is intended for initial screening, method development, and purifications at laboratory scale. It enables you to develop robust methods that are easily scalable. Epoxy (epoxy) is a reactive precursor, able to react with amines or thiols. The range of compounds which can be covalently attached to an EP surface varies from small organic or inorganic molecules to large biomolecules. Compared to CDI chemistry, the reactivity of epoxide is lower. The zero atom spacer arm between your immobilized molecule and the monolithic matrix belongs to a secondary amino or thioether group, which both represent a hydrolytically stable covalent linkage.

Catalog number: 611.7175-1.3

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