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CIMmultus™ OH-8000 Advanced Composite Column (Hydroxyl) (Pores 2 μm)

CIMmultus™ stands for:

  • Convective mass transfer, reduced backpressure, and minimal sample clogging
  • Fast product isolation and concentration of diluted samples
  • Efficient removal of high molecular mass impurities in polishing steps

CIMmultus™ OH-8000 mL is an improved monolithic column with 2 μm pore size and a column volume of 8000 mL. It is packed into an innovative epoxy-based housing and is supplied ready to use. CIMmultus™ OH-8000 mL is intended for industrial manufacturing. The OH (hydroxy) ligand results from hydrolysis of epoxy ligands and posseses no charge (neutral surface). A slight negative charge can be present due to the methacrylate backbone. OH monoliths are very hydrophilic due to the high density of hydroxyl groups. OH is dedicated to some specific applications, such as:

  • HIC purification of proteins, pDNA, and viruses.
  • Steric exclusion chromatography. Recently, hydroxy monoliths have proven to be an excellent chromatographic support for this specific technique.
Catalog number: 931.8140-2

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