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Monolithic technology

  • About monolithic technology

    Next generation biotechnology products demand next generation production materials. Monolithic chromatographic supports mark the beginning of a new generation of downstream processing. Monoliths are enabling tools for purification of biomolecules in nanometer range (virus, plasmid DNA, phages, IgM, PEGylated proteins, etc.) that offer unprecedented possibilities. They stand for elaborate design of high speed, high efficiency, and high yield in downstream processing.

  • CIM® monolithic technology

    CIM® (Convective Interaction Media) monoliths are highly cross linked, porous monolithic polymers with a well-defined channel size distribution. They are supplied readily packed in specially designed housings (CIMmultus™), at a variety of chemistries and scales.

  • Features and Benefits of CIM® Technology

    Working with CIM® monoliths is a straightforward way to simplify your lab life and make your purification process more efficient and robust.

  • CIM® - enabling technology for purification of large biomolecules

    Chromatographic purification of large biomolecules is a challenging task in terms of separation power, capacity, recovery, molecule integrity, sample distribution and mass transport.

  • Axial versus radial flow

    CIM® monoliths are available as disk-shaped or cylindrical-shaped monolithic columns. CIMac™ Analytical Columns and CIM® Disks (belonging to the CIM® line of products) are the disk-shaped types. All other monolithic columns of the CIM® line (CIM tubes) and CIMmultus™ Disposable line are cylindrical-shaped monoliths.

  • Scaling

    CIM® monolithic structure remains the same, independent of the column's size.

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