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Purification of infective baculovirus on CIM® monolith

Recombinant baculovirus is extensively used for expression of recombinant proteins in insect cells. The appeal of baculovirus systems lies in their high level expression within an eukaryotic system, providing target proteins with appropriate posttranslational modifications. Recent approaches as vector in human gene therapy applications indicate a new dedication for baculovirus.

In any field of operation the increasing demand of highly pure baculovirus requests efficient, robust and scaleable purification strategies. Traditional techniques such as ultracentrifugation and tangential flow filtration are efficient in terms of virus concentration, but suffer from low yield and clearly lack robustness and scalability. In this application sheet we introduce a CIM monolith based purification process for infective baculovirus.

The protocol provides high recovery of active virus, efficient removal of host cell impurities, ease of use and straight forward scale up.

CIMmultus™ QA-1 Advanced Composite Column (Quaternary amine) (Pores 2 um)Information

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