Leaders in monolith chromatography


Mission statement

Our Vision

BS Lab-18 2We will continue to be the world leader in innovative biochromatography by combining the power of our CIM® monolithic technology with our accumulated knowledge in biomolecule purification and our well-founded experience in the development and validation of analytical methods. We devote our combined expert knowledge and hands-on experience to meet the diversified needs of our pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers.

Mission Statement

Supplying our customer with the best possible biochromatographic solutions is the innate policy of BIA Separations. Our expertise in production of CIM® monolithic columns and purification of biomolecules guides our customers along drug development, semi-preparative, and industrial-scale processes. Our solutions simplify and accelerate development and production, improve product quality, and decrease costs from laboratory to industrial scale.

Commitment to Customers

Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of our business ethics. Along with the offer of powerful purification solutions for large biomolecules and high quality products, the most important aspect of our business is the care for our business reputation. We accomplish this by providing the most accurate and honest answers to our customers in order to build long-lasting business relationships. Therefore, we are committed to handle all customer inquiries on the spot or provide a feasible answer within 24 hours.