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Purification of large plasmids from E. coli

Plasmids in the size range of 21 to 93 kbp were harvested from E.coli, desalted and concentrated by 2-propanol precipitation, and subjected to chromatography on CIM® DEAE Disk. Elution was effected by a combination of linear and stepwise gradient at a flow rate of 3 CV/min. Analysis of eluted supercoiled pDNA indicated that 21 and 39 kbp plasmids remained intact while larger plasmids (62 and 93 kbp) partially degraded during the purification step.  

CIMmultus™ HiP² Plasmid Process Pack™ 1-1 (1x DEAE 311.5114-2, 1x C4 HLD 311.8136-2)Information

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