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Rapid, Single-step Purification Method for Adenovirus Vectors Using CIM® QA Disk Monolithic Column

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Adenovirus vectors have proven as useful tool for gene therapy, vaccine therapy and basic biology studies. The increasing importance of the recombinant adenoviruses pushes the limits of research in the field of adenovirus purification methods. There is a global focus on large scale production of adenovirus vectors, providing high titres combined with fast, effective and reliable purification methods.

Because of the physico-chemical properties adenovirus vectors possess, they can effectively be purified using ion-exchange chromatography. Here we present a simple and rapid method for adenovirus vectors purification using ion-exchange CIM ®QA chromatographic supports (Figure 1). CIM® monolithic supports are a new generation of chromatographic supports able to meet the GMP and GLP requirements in the field of virus purification.

CIMmultus™ QA-1 Advanced Composite Column (Quaternary amine) (Pores 2 um)Information
CIMmultus™ DEAE-1 Advanced Composite Column (Diethylamino) (Pores 2 um)Information
CIMac™ Adeno-0.1 Analytical Column (Pores 2 um)Information

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