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Two Step Purification of a 66 kDa-Endoxylanase and a Broad Specificity Endoglucanase/Xylanase from Prevotella bryantii B14 on a CIM® DEAE-8 Tube

60 mL of non-concentrated periplasmic fraction from Prevotella bryantii cultivation medium were subjected to two-step purification on CIM® DEAE 8 mL tube. Both purification steps were performed under similar chromatographic conditions, i.e. same column, buffer systems and flow rate (7 mL/min). Gradient slopes varied to achieve isolation of the desired fraction. The elution fraction of interest of purification No1 was subjected to a second purification on the same column. By altering the linear gradient pure 66 kDa-Endoxylanase for production of antibodies was isolated.

CIM® QA - 8 mL Tube Monolithic Column

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